FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

General Information

Where is the company headquartered?

We were incorporated in the Cayman Islands as an exempted company with limited liability on February 26, 2016. Our principal executive offices are located at Floor 4, Willow House, Cricket Square, Grand Cayman, KY1-9010, Cayman Islands, and our telephone number at this address is +1 345 949 2648. Our website address is

Our operational headquarters are located in the city of São Paulo, state of São Paulo, Brazil, which includes the majority of our product development, sales, marketing, and business operations. We also have offices in Mexico, Colombia, United States of America, Uruguay and Germany. 

Who are the Nu Executive Management Team and Board of Directors?

The biographies of the Management Team can be found here and the Board Members bios can be found here.

Where can I get information on the Company?

This Nu’s Investor Relations contains different pages with a variety of information about the company.

I am a student/researcher. How can I get information about Nu's operations?

We provide content with information and images about, among other topics, the company’s structure, ESG actions and financial results in this IR website and in the institutional website

I'm a client and I'm having trouble with my account. Who should I contact?

For Brazil: Please contact Customer Service at your app, calling 0800 608 6236 or writing an email to

For Mexico: Please contact Customer Service at your app, calling 800 099 1133 or writing an email to

For Colombia: Please contact Customer Service at your app or writing an email to

It is important to mention that the Investor Relations team does not have access to clients’ personal data.

How do I contact Nu Investor Relations?

You can contact our Investor Relations with questions related to Nu using this form or the following email address

Share Information

When did the Company go public?

Our Initial Public Offering (IPO) was December 9th, 2021.

What was the offering price at Nu’s IPO?

The offering price at our IPO was US$ 9 for the shares traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

What Exchanges are the shares traded on?

The shares are currently traded in the U.S. on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

What are the ticker symbols?

The ticker symbol is NU for the US-listed shares.

How can I get the current share?

You can find the current share price here or on any financial website under the ticker NU.

How do I purchase or sell shares?

Nu shares can be purchased through the brokerage firm where you have an account.

Can I purchase or sell stock directly from Nubank?

The Company does not offer a direct purchase program. Nu shares can be purchased through the brokerage firm where you have an account.

I don't live in Brazil or the U.S. Can I buy Nu's stock?

We recommend that you speak with your financial advisor in the US, who can inform you about the possibility of investing in Nu.

Nu is not authorized to discuss investments with people residing outside Brazil.

I need to report my income tax with the IRS. Where can I find my Income Report?

The brokerage firm where your shares are held will be providing year-end tax information.

What is a transfer agent?

A transfer agent for a publicly held company keeps records of shares held by registered shareholders, including shares held in certificate form. When shares change hands, the transfer agent updates the record of ownership of the shares. The transfer agent does not maintain records of shares bought and sold through brokerage accounts and held in “street name.” Such records are maintained by the specific brokerages through which shares are bought and sold.

What is the CUSIP number?

The CUSIP number for shares traded at NYSE is G6683N 103.

Financial Related

What is the Company’s reporting currency?

We report in U.S. dollars.

When is the fiscal year-end?

Our fiscal year end is December 31st.

When is the Company’s next quarterly earnings?

The earnings video conferences are announced via press release. In addition, you can sign up for Company alerts here to be informed of upcoming earnings.

Can I listen to the quarterly earnings calls?

Everyone is invited to listen to the Company’s earnings video conference. To be informed of future earnings calls, sign up for Company alerts here.

Who are Nu’s independent auditors?

The Company’s auditors are KPMG Auditores Independentes Ltda.

How can I obtain a copy of your quarterly reports, annual report or proxy statement?

The quarterly reports and annual reports are accessible in the Results Center. Other documents or proxy statement are accessible in the Filings section or directly in the SEC website.

Can Nu mail financial documents to me?

Nu posts all investor information and quarterly financial updates in its Investor Relations website. Additionally, quarterly reports, annual report or proxy statement can be found at this section.

Where can I find more information about Nu's renegotiation policy?

You can find more information about Nu’s renegotiations policy ​​by clicking here.


What are Nu’s values and mission?

You can find more information about Nu’s purpose and values ​​by clicking here or by visiting

Where can I find updated ESG information regarding Nubank?

This information is available in the ESG Report.